The beauty of the filipino people

Life is so precious without faith of God

The typhoon Sendong visited last December 17, 2011, it was an unforeseen incidence that dumbfounded all Iliganons because of the destruction it left. Such unprecedented event shocked everyone for what had happened. Sendong has affected many of the families to the extent of losing their homes and to some, has taken the lives of their loved ones. Those times, the handshakes, warmth, friendships, and even financial support really made the difference in someone’s life. I realized that, there’s nothing more important, than your life. Things can be brought again but life will never come back once it is gone.

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Great Escape within Reach

Travel around is where you about to experience the unexpected involving exploration or travel areas and be able to open your mind and understanding of the world we live in. it will make you less subversive to your child’s future choices in life. Your curiosity and wish to explore adventures tourism is a joyful and achievement that somehow unexpecting to achieved. It is really fun and culture shocking to experiences different people, places, civilization and the amazing wonders of the nature. If you are courageous enough to face dangers and are more than willing to explore new places, great escape is the right choice to spend your vacations, short weekend, and holiday. Whatever experience you plan, it will be more than an adventure; it can be a life long memory to cherish.

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Setting goals is a way to make you successful in life, but just writing them down or focusing on them is not enough. We need to put action behind our plans continually; something that is pursued daily. “Build on today by pursued daily.” The Webster dictionary defines discipline as: “training the corrects, molds, or perfect the mental faculties or moral; character.” It is a balance the physical activity of preparation and the mental improvement of the mind – a continued practice of development, learning, and perfection. While the thinking and planning of an objective is significant, the daily rituals of activities and consistency are critical. Jim Rohn wrote, “Discipline is the bridge between catalyst that accomplishments.” Your continued diligence and endurance are powerful catalyst that produces lasting results.

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POSITIVE PARENTING OF CHILDREN; Suggestion may helpful to manage your children.

POSITIVE PARENTING OF CHILDREN; Suggestion may helpful to manage your children.

life is full of joy

Learning to share is an important part of growing up. Children are just beginning to learn about ownership and can be possessive about their things. They may snatch, push another child away or refuse to share a favorite toy. Parents with two or more children may face sharing problems every day. Problems can also occur over sharing when other children on outings. This article gives some suggestions to help you teach your children how to share.

if life is so short

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