The beauty of the filipino people

Life is so precious without faith of God

The typhoon Sendong visited last December 17, 2011, it was an unforeseen incidence that dumbfounded all Iliganons because of the destruction it left. Such unprecedented event shocked everyone for what had happened. Sendong has affected many of the families to the extent of losing their homes and to some, has taken the lives of their loved ones. Those times, the handshakes, warmth, friendships, and even financial support really made the difference in someone’s life. I realized that, there’s nothing more important, than your life. Things can be brought again but life will never come back once it is gone.

But out of the darkest corner came out the helping hands of those people who were concerned about the welfare of the victims and survivors. During this time kindness and concern have been measured and the true blood of Iliganons and Filipinos has been tested. And that was manifested by the donation-in-cash or in-kind- given by the different organizations and individuals all around the word. Even ordinary Filipinos gave their priceless help by including the victims in their prayers. Many lives were ruined after the typhoon, the hardest thing that the survivors need to do was to cope up and accept that nearly everything that they had worked for was no more.

But out of the adversity, the light of volunteerism outshone the darkness.Lending a caring hand to those who needed it the most and giving hope to those who lost it.Filipino people were so much heroism and nationalism.Almost everyone exerted an effort and showed passion for volunteerism, helping other people especially the Sendong survivors to rise up again.

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