Setting goals is a way to make you successful in life, but just writing them down or focusing on them is not enough. We need to put action behind our plans continually; something that is pursued daily. “Build on today by pursued daily.” The Webster dictionary defines discipline as: “training the corrects, molds, or perfect the mental faculties or moral; character.” It is a balance the physical activity of preparation and the mental improvement of the mind – a continued practice of development, learning, and perfection. While the thinking and planning of an objective is significant, the daily rituals of activities and consistency are critical. Jim Rohn wrote, “Discipline is the bridge between catalyst that accomplishments.” Your continued diligence and endurance are powerful catalyst that produces lasting results.

Discipline is about following through, even when we are not in the mood or feel like doing something. Whie it is easy to get distracted or procrastinate, excuses lead only to failure. Action is the difference between excellence and mediocrity – always doing your best or setting for less. Henry Ward Beecher wrote, “Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anybody else expects of you. Never excuse yourself.” Any great accomplishment in life represents dedicated hours of discipline and dedication. Whether it’s getting a flat 1 grade, being a Dean’s lister, progressing in a career, or truly reaching your potential, it starts with discipline process. It creates a motivation you need and strength to continue.

Sometimes the first step is the hardest. Perhaps it is losing weight, waking up for your 7:30 am class, looking for a job, getting involved in an activity or going back to school. Take that initiative. You have to make that phone call, rewrite the resume, fill out the applications, or set the alarms. A  Chinese proverb states, “A journey of the thousand miles begins with a single step.” Make that stride, for each movement soon becomes a mile and leads you further along the path you desire. You can build on this progress, but it takes self-control and consistency. The greater the goals, the more time you will need. Take advantage of the day, and seize the moment. Never make excuses, and always accomplish what you have scheduled to do.

Determination and focus moves us forward and produces powerful results.

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